ISTE2016…Start to the Road Race

So Denver is on FIRE (not literally) but the heat isn’t too unbearable. Teachers are on Fleek and we are ¬†going to #makelearningviral this week.

On Your Mark

Last evening, I arrived at the Denver International Airport and though it is a beautiful facility, it was all a blur. I raced past trains and concourses and out the building to get to the train that would bring me to the Convention Center. Making sure to not end up in another city, was my main concern. I purchased a full schedule pass for $9 which in hindsight I probably should have opted for a special discounted pass since I was just making the 1 trip. The ride was smooth and steady (we were going nowhere superfast) but glided our way into Union Station 37 minutes later.

Get Set

Let me tell you, the city was LIT in many ways as the smells of delicious food, clanging of glasses, and uproar of laughter was a sight in itself. My trek in the race wasn’t over so I boarded the Free Mall Bus Ride, which resembles a city bus headed in the direction of the 16th Street Mall.

This part was a little more intimidating because of the arrival of night lights and partygoers brushing past me in everyway. To add on to the anxiousness, I had to look at bukding numbers to guage where I would request my stop and then on top of it—my phone was on 15% with the constant chirp chirp as a reminder.

The relief of feeling like I was at home was achieved when my Edumatch family from Voxer greeted me at the door. The sweet smiles and hugs of Sarah Thomas and Tara Linney made me feel more prepared for this race. I had members of my VoxSquad on deck.


As we arose this Sunday morning to the cool breeze and hovering sun, we met more familiar faces that were strangers until our hugs and handshakes over yummy Crepes at the 16th Street Mall. We started our learning with Ricoh 360 pictures, selfies, Twitter DM messages, and Snapchat. We talked out our plans and hopes for the conferences and sessions we want to attend but all of that will happen after the EduMatch/EdSpeakers meetup. To see a periscope about it–find me as iamvlewis on Periscope or search #passtheScopeEDU


I broke away for a moment between breakfast and EduMatch meetup to grab my  media credentials and write up this first blog.


You will see me armed and equipped with my tech tools, moving to and fro throughout the building and the city of Denver at lightning speeds. Though I plan to be cute at all times the work I will be doing will be FIERCE and INTENTIONAL.

Game ON!!!