The Spirit of Competition at ISTE Taught Me Some Things

ISTE18 wasn’t all serious and just focused on teaching and learning but there were some challenges and competitiveness options that existed as well.

In the past, Josue Falaise was beastly at being at the top of the ISTE leader board through the app. He has taken away some notable prizes that were too big to fit into his luggage. He has had to have things shipped back to his home in NJ. Things have changed a little bit with how this was displayed through the app and I think that threw my brother off his game a little bit.

However, Sarah Thomas gave away a Parrot Drone during the EduMatch meetup and I was surprised to be the winner. I knew Josue would be ginning for this prize as he tried skillfully to trade up and switch out. This girl took away this prize and it came home to Georgia with me.

Drone Winning Pic


Christian and Josue face off each other in some physical competition. See who endured their interesting take on the #PushUpChallenge here.

The idea is not to “beat” your challenger but ultimately my takeaways from this were:

  1. There are things that motivate student learners to perform and as educators we need to understand that.
  2. As an educator, it is important that I am physically fit and in good health to be my best self. This self-care is important.
  3. At times, there will be factors that will make it hard for me to complete a task or reach my desired outcome–in that moment.  I must push through (unless it just brings physical harm to me or others) and not give up.
  4. It helps to have a system of accountability to help me push through rough and uncertain patches. It is easier to have a buddy or buddies that can help me cross the finish line.
  5. Have fun and be in good spirits. It’s okay to celebrate others that are victorious. I should be okay with the idea that I won’t win them all!Josue and Christian

As I look at transitioning into an administrative role this fall, I recognize that time will be even more limited for me. I also recognize that I need to be able to support others (even when I may not always want to) and I have to be mentally and physically fit to give them my best. Christian inspires me to do the physical work on me that is necessary. I need to bring my SEXY self back by dropping 10lbs.

As I watch his short videos and images on Instagram about the miles he has run, marathons he has finished,  and ” spin cycling” with other district leaders— I recognize I need to set and accomplish some physical goals by moving my bus too. I wish I lived closer to the city to join him but I will find my tribe at work that share similar interests in running and being fit to get going.

I am in competition with only my self in order to create a better version of her and those next to me will hopefully be there to cheer me on and I recognize they will need me as well.

What are some physical goals you have for yourself? How might you get a team together to meet those goals? Leave a comment below.


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