CDI Technologies is Product Strong


Teachers certainly aren’t pushovers and are as loyal as they can get with products that are tried and true. If you want real input and feedback then ask a teacher or a community of them and they will be critical and constructive because in the end they are the gatekeepers to the users but also recognize that items have to be productive, efficient and effective.

Erez Pikar, CEO of CDI Technologies mentions that their focus is on classroom technology, software and products in the STEM field. They aren’t the new kids on the block and hold a standing record of 35 years in business within the US and Canada to include a roster of about 70 representatives. They pride themselves in customer service and quality. You won’t catch them running you down the aisle, putting on a dog and pony show with flashy lights to attract your attention because they stand on their promise to deliver.

IMG_20190702_103923One of their newest product launches is the @PhotonRobot which caters to users age 5-13 but higher grade options are coming within the next year. This device is ready to use straight from the box and doesn’t require any major assembly. There is a cloud-based curriculum that’s included to focus on programming and other skill sets that will prepare students for future careers.

@ClassVR comes with a full online library of lessons that are ready to be implemented but does not take away from the teacher having free reign to create and customize their own lessons to collaborate and share. These come in sets of 4 or 8 or larger quantities by the cart.

@parlayideas who are creators of The Round Table are at it again with meaningful discussions to engage students with skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and questioning. This strategy allows your classroom to become more student-centered and teacher facilitated to steer the ownership of learning more into the hands of the learners.

Their charging stations and carts are compact and easy to move around versus those big clunky carts that always seem to have you struggling up the hallway against the tide of students. The sliding shelves are like having a lazy susan cabinet in your kitchen and allows access to users so that laptops can be easily stored and all adapters are accommodated as well.  The light panels give you a visible indicator that your devices are charging and plugged up correctly. Do not worry about replacement parts as there is a lifetime warranty included on parts as well as a 3 year electrical part warranty. You don’t have to take my word for it because they were also rated Best in Show at TCEA this year!

On June 4, 2019, CDI also introduced their Extreme Warranty program for Chrome and Window devices in partnership with MAXCases. Schools face a great challenge in budgeting for technology purchases and rollouts and a great deal of training is necessary for teachers and students in order to ensure the longevity of these devices. Unfortunately, with many people handling the devices, limited tech support staff onsite and the lack of proper training, the probability of repairing these devices increases exponentially. These costs can send schools into a tailspin and a feeling of despair.  With the purchase of this warranty, an Extreme Shell protective case is added for no additional cost and if devices are in these coverings then CDI will repair or replace them at no cost. That is a relief and customer support at its finest. The ultimate goal is to have students maximizing their learning opportunities and creating a minimal interruption in the learning process.

Press Release of Extreme Warranty Program

If you did not have an opportunity to meet the team at ISTE and chat with them then don’t miss another opportunity to do so. They truly know how to roll out the red carpet and offer outstanding customer service. You are greeted right away and your time is valuable. CDI really want to know your needs and hear your story in order to give you what you need. To learn more about them directly, watch Brian Romero’s interview on Periscope CDI Technologies Interview .



With all the excitement happening in the booth all three days, it all led up to a big moment online at the close of the conference with the giveaway challenge that was partnered with # PassTheScopeEDU .  There weren’t a bunch of pencils, stickers or grab bags for teachers in exchange for large purchase orders but instead  @MsDozman5 a 5th-grade teacher at Pennell Elementary School in Pennsylvania won a Chromebook to be able to use with her students or for personal reasons.

Follow CDI Technologies on Twitter at @CDI_EdTech or through their website at

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