Impero US says Safety and Productivity Rules

The headline news and in-school service training are riddled with information on safety and active shooter drills. This is becoming too common of a phenomenon across the country and at every level of school. Parents and communities want to know their children are protected while under the supervision of caring adults and learning from highly qualified teachers. Though there are no systems that are 100% secure, Impero is working hard to decrease the rates in which incidents occur across the country.



  • Building relationships with students so you recognize abnormalities
  • Consult with families and communities about their needs and support services
  • Conduct regular training for administrators, clerks and teachers using simulated scenarios


Richard Fuller says Safer Classrooms and Productive Tools are the heart of education as far as Impero is concerned. There is an obvious push for 1:1 devices in classrooms and the company’s focus is to come up with solutions that teachers want that will assist them in protecting their human resource: the students. Legislation and governing policies are putting measures in place to better monitor school safety issues but Impero believes that being proactive rather than reactive is going to make for better outcomes for student mental health. This coupled with academics is certainly the formula for addressing the whole child.

See and hear more from Richard in this PassTheScopeEDU interview


Impero would like to provide student records and behavioral data that will allow school administrators and districts to make informed decisions that could save lives not just now but in the long run because their needs are being met.


Schedule a visit or demonstration at the Austin, TX location by visiting

Visit the resources tab then navigate to the online safety resources page and share the downloadable tool that most resonates with you. District leaders and educators alike stopped by the booth at ISTE and all expressed that Digital Citizenship hit a sweet spot with them.  Not only are these skills important for students but it is equally imperative for adults as well.

Though we were in Hershey’s hometown, the English Cadbury chocolates made their mark. There should be no surprises when it comes to the mental health and safety of students and with this bar of chocolate, you know exactly what you’re going to get.



Sharing your favorite online resource may just earn you a sweet treat!

Continue the conversation online and connect with Impero via Twitter: @ImperoUS


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