Curriculum Associates is Doing Meaningful work

Megan is a seasoned educator and has spent over 10 years in the classroom so the transition from the classroom into this corporate aspect tied dear to her heart. This is important and valuable to educators because having some skin in the game means that you are empathetic and knowledgeable about what it takes to be effective in the classroom and yield great student outcomes. The credibility of a company is shot when educators are made to feel like a product is being shoved in their face without inviting educators to the table or having a team of educators within the company that can offer valuable insight.

To get into the interview with Megan (see the link below), you may want to bypass all the small talk at the start of the video and get right into it at the 4:20 mark and make their case that teachers and students are always at the forefront of what they design for iReady Math and iReady Reading through focus groups, consistent updates, criterion-referenced measures, and individual learning pathways.

The diagnostic tools are more accessible by building in compatibility features for screen readers, allows closed captioning, and even offering lessons in Spanish for the ELL demographic of students. The team at Curriculum Associates take pride in actually studying their bank of lessons and making sure they are reflective of the students’ interests using Google Glasses and hand sensors. The list is growing of offerings, resources and products for districts. They firmly believe in the power of what they have designed that they offer a money back guarantee program.

Discourse Cards

Megan Spills the Tea on Curriculum Associates

The Discourse Cards open up the conversations for students to engage with each other and allow the teacher to assess in a formative way where students are in their learning. No more googly eyes or glazed over looks when you prompt students to engage verbally! This takes the pressure off of teachers searching for discussion prompts or awkward games that push you into conversations but in this sense, the dialogue can happen more organically.

It is great to know that Curriculum Associates is truly looking to unpack what is needed to help students learn and support the teaching that goes along with that. We cannot wait to see what else will roll out with this company and how they will continue to spread across the country and in schools everywhere.

Follow them on Twitter @CurriculumAssoc

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