Epson USA is Making Engagement an Action Word


Student Engagement is more than just a buzz word in engagement, it truly needs to visible and an actionable. Now, engagement has to be meaningful and purposeful versus giving the appearance of just doing something or looking busy.

BrightLink 1485Fi is one of the newest interactive laser projectors introduced to the market in order to allow more ease and function as it relates to displaying content simultaneously from your PC in one swiping motion.

100-inch 16×9 image can easily be displayed in no time with a streamlined installation process that attaches to the top of your display board that is automatically calibrated. The part that will make your Tech Support Team the happiest and the no replacement lamps which makes it maintenance free! We all can get into that!

The Epson L610u is another projector with an interactive camera that offers a 150-inch wide image and truly can blanket and clothe any flat wall space to allow students to interact with the content in an up close and personal way versus from the confinements of their desks. Think about how you can take school assemblies, activities or parent nights to another level by having these in one of your open common spaces for larger crowds to gather and feel more included.

There are 200 apps on their website that help all learners access learning in their unique way but moreso take away the tedious feeling of “doing work” from the educational setting. Three cheers to the visual accompaniment and reinforcer for learners at every stage and across all subject areas and disciplines.

Live Interview with Epson’s BrightLink Product Manager

Girls in EPSON Challenge

To add to all the excitement, Pass the Scope EDU partnered with Epson on learning possibilities and had two competing teams of educators put to test the capabilities of the projector displays. In this task challenge, we had the boys versus the girls (not set up that way on purpose) and the feedback on how this tool could be used in the classroom across elementary, middle, secondary and post-secondary is shared in the video link below by  Josue Falaise of Rutgers University.

The winners took home a pair of EPSON ProSense 17 Smartwatches.

EPSON Smartwatches
Epson ProSense 17 SmartWatch

The thought of getting physical and being active is scary for some educators and to allow about 20 or more littles or biggers move about the classroom can escalate that feeling ten-fold. The reality of all of this is that we cannot be the barrier to learning and must provide experiences that will be memorable for learners of all ages and sizes. We can add another layer and address the fact that students sitting at their desks do not contribute to better health and including time for them to move around increases their activity and counters the cut physical education programs and recess time. This also reduces some of the screen and headphone time we see at the upper grades when instruction and learning should be prominent.

Epson is thinking of a student-centered classroom that allows more time for the teacher to provide feedback and address specific needs. This is learning optimized, limitless and engaging.

Epson Challenge Competition and Results

Josue Epson Tweet

Josue and Christian
Josue and Christian from ISTE18 in Chicago are FIT Leaders and were hoping to compete together in Philly. 







To learn more about what Epson has to offer, follow them on Twitter at @EpsonEducation  or visit their website at

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